Run an own Qwertycoin Masternode

In this Guide we will show you how to start your own Masternode with a few clicks

  1. Requirements
  2. Howto start a Masternode
  3. Add your Masternode

Cryptonote coin’s wallets can operate through remote daemon without downloading blockchain. It allows to start working quickly when needed. It is quite safe as remote daemon can’t steal your coins, running own node is more secure of course. But these remote nodes are not rewarded anyhow in any CN coin.

So, basically, Masternode it is the CLI Qwertycoin daemon running on a machine with open port which allows to connect to it for such light wallets and, most important, mobile wallets in the future. Qwertycoin wallets, connected to Masternode, are paying small fees to that node when are sending transactions through it. These fees are supposed to help to cover the costs of operating Qwertycoin nodes.

These Masternodes are providing service necessary for mobile wallets, and besides are helping to maintain and enlarge Qwertycoin network. We have plans no incentivize such nodes even more in the future.

To start own Qwertycoin masternode all is needed is just a machine with static IP and open port. Machine should have enough CPU power to handle load when parsing blockchain for connected wallets, it can be even spare PC at home. On such machine you can run qwertycoin daemon specifying a wallet address where fees would go like this:

/qwertycoind --restricted-rpc --enable-cors=*  --enable-blockchain-indexes --rpc-bind-ip= --rpc-bind-port=8197 --fee-address=QWC1L4aAh5i7cbB813RQpsKP6pHXT2ymrbQCwQnQ3DC4QiyuhBUZw8dhAaFp8wH1Do6J9Lmim6ePv1SYFYs97yNV2xvSbTGc7s

You can specify any wallet address, it can be your GUI wallet address, even paper wallet. This is the wallet where you will receive fees.
You need to make sure your port is open and not blocked by firewall. If you are running it at home behind router you need to do port forwarding.

If you have PC at home constantly running with fast connection and static IP and want to operate such Masternode to help Qwertycoin network, run daemon as in example and send ous your IP so We can add it do default nodes list.
You can check if your node is running opening its IP in browser like this

and you should see something like this


with your wallet address where fees should go.

You can also run Masternode on VPS with dedicated domain and publish here with description so people can add your node manually if they prefer it. It is not recommended to run node on VPS now specially for Qwertycoin, do it only when you already have spare VPS and it is idling.
For now, do not expect yet to earn a lot of fees because there is very low usage of such remote nodes.

How to start a Masternode?

With a few clicks you can run your own Masternode on your Server

!! You must open the Ports: 8196 and 8197 to successfully run a QWC related Masternode !!

Ubuntu 16.04+ and MacOS 10.10+

  • You will need the following packages: boost (1.55 or higher), cmake, git, gcc (4.9 or higher), g++ (4.9 or higher), make, and python. Most of these should already be installed on your system.
  • For example on ubuntu: sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev gcc g++ git cmake libboost-all-dev
  • After this you can compile your Qwertycoin:
git clone


mkdir build
cmake .. && make

Windows 10

  • Install Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
  • When installing Visual Studio, it is required that you install Desktop development with C++ and the VC++ v140 toolchain when selecting features. The option to install the v140 toolchain can be found by expanding the “Desktop development with C++” node on the right. You will need this for the project to build correctly.
  • Install Boost 1.59.0, ensuring you download the installer for MSVC 14.
  • From the start menu, open ‘x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for vs2017’.
  • cd
  • mkdir build
  • cd build
  • Set the PATH variable for cmake: ie. set PATH="C:\Program
    Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual
  • cmake -G "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" .. -DBOOST_ROOT=C:/Boost/boost_1_59_0 (Or your boost installed dir.)
  • MSBuild Qwertycoin.sln /p:Configuration=Release /m
  • If all went well, it will complete successfully, and you will find all your binaries in the ‘..\build\src\Release’ directory.
  • Additionally, a .sln file will have been created in the build directory. If you wish to open the project in Visual Studio with this, you can.


  • Install cmake. See here if you are unable call cmake from the terminal after installing.
  • Install the boost libraries. Either compile boost manually or run brew install boost.
  • Install XCode and Developer Tools.
  • git clone
  • cd qwertycoin
  • mkdir build && cd $_
  • cmake .. or cmake -DBOOST_ROOT= .. when building from a specific boost install
  • make

The binaries will be in ./src after compilation is complete.

Start your Masternode

After you had successfully compiled your Daemon you can start using your Masternode.

Start your Daemon with this Configurations and change fee-address to your Qwertycoin-Address. When People use your Server you collect 0.25% fom every Transaction from this Users! (max 10QWC per TX):


Make sure your Daemon runs 24/7!

Add your Masternode

With this Formular you can add your own Masternode to our Networklist

Masternode has a Static-IP and run 24/7

Port 8196 is open?
Port 8197 is open?

My Masternode is not already listed?