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Welcome Cryptonight (Classic)

The Qwertycoin community decided to switch back to Cryptonight Classic via their own voting platform. The Hard Fork was successfully executed on Block Height 250,720. Please change your Miner Settings: “cnAlgorithm”: “cryptonight”, “cnVariant”: 0, “cnBlobType”: 0,

Hard Fork on height 250,720

Succesfull Community Voting: Q: Shall we switch back to Cryptonight-Classic? (https://voting.qwertycoin.org/?election=1) Download new Software and replace it  BEFORE Block height 250,720 Classic Daemon & Simplewallethttps://github.com/qwertycoin-org/qwertycoin/releases/tag/v5.0.0 GUI (Desktop Client)https://github.com/qwertycoin-org/qwertycoin-gui/releases/tag/v5.0.0 Poolowner or Nodeowner please compile it by yourself if precompiled version doesn’t work with your hardware.