The Qwertycoin community decided to switch back to Cryptonight Classic via their own voting platform.

The Hard Fork was successfully executed on Block Height 250,720.

Please change your Miner Settings:

“cnAlgorithm”: “cryptonight”, “cnVariant”: 0, “cnBlobType”: 0,

Succesfull Community Voting:
Q: Shall we switch back to Cryptonight-Classic? (

Download new Software and replace it  BEFORE Block height 250,720

Classic Daemon & Simplewallet

GUI (Desktop Client)

Poolowner or Nodeowner please compile it by yourself if precompiled version doesn’t work with your hardware.

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Dear Qwertycoin Community Members,

Welcome to Official Qwertycoin Voting Platform. This platform allows members to participate and engage in important community decisions. Holding QWC means holding rights of QWC blockchain. Please use your rights to lead the community.
By using this webpage, the members acknowledge that they understand and agree with the rules, terms and conditions set forth in the following passages.

Visit here:

Dear all QWC members,

QWC team has several announcements.

1. QWC is currently under listing discussion with BiteBTC [] [] for the pair of ETH, BCH and Dash.
The market dominance of BTC is rising and this could indicate that existing holders of above coins are exiting the market or looking for alternative coins with potentials. So it is a good timing to add additional exchanges.

However, we cannot stop the dumpers on Crex24 but I expect QWC can sucessfully recover previous price level within 45 days. I also see a repetitive patterns in market activities(reposting after immediate low price buy) to recover the investment at currenct price range. I can only hope that bigger investors HODL.

The coins will be distributed among reputable exchanges from now on. So please keep mining and share and repost QWC marketing announcements in your social media as much as you can.

2. QWC is also looking for a possible usecase and we are talking about this with an entity. So you should think before you bet your precious coins.

3. Please read the whitepaper and give us a feedback by the end of September. We will issue V1.0 by October 1st.

BTW, the registration takes a while in this exchange so get on with it as soon as you can.

Here you can find the whitepaper as a PDF file:

Thanks Xecute for the work!

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We’re happy to announce the release of the Qwertycoin wallet v3.0.0 for Windows, macOS & Linux!

Get your download HERE:

It is a MUST that you DO NOT try and use any cached data from the old software.
This new wallet version relies on the new blockchain, and must be synced from scratch.

Read the instructions twice before starting (especially if it’s your first time).
Join our Telegram Channel if you have any questions – Qwertycoin Community.


DO NOT use a copy of your old blockchain file as part of this upgrade process!
(Seriously, we can’t emphasize this enough. You won’t save time and will only be disappointed with the results.)


Step-by-step instructions:
Read more

The Qwertycoin team is happy to announce a facelift for the Qwertycoin website! Check it out now: – the team has been hard at work giving the website a much needed overhaul in the past few weeks to bring you information better than before. We’re happy for any & all feedback, if you have something to say let us know! We hope you enjoy.

– The Qwertycoin team.

Since being listed on CREX24 on April 25, 2018 Qwertycoin has passed several notable milestones.  Those milestones include trading volume, price support and blocks mined.

The volume of trading on the CREX24 has exceeded management teams expectations as well as the level of price support.

The first official day started well into the trading day and found volumes near 29M QWC. Day two volume over 113M QWC traded and on day 3 volumes reached 211M QWC.  Day four is looking good with over 325M QWC traded and opportunity to further extend today’s record volume. These volume levels on CREX24 put us well above some peer Cryptonote coins such as Karbo and BBSCoin.  Currently in 8th place based on CREX24 volume we currently rank only ahead of widely recognized Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and Zcash.

While there were some in QWC community that predicted a race to the bottom because of a minimum price of 0.01 sat.  In fact we have seen much the opposite with prices peaking at 5 sat before settling  near 0.12 sat.  As this is being written we are seeing levels rising to 0.18 and 0.22 sat. Rising or falling price levels are in a large part dependant on the continued support of the QWC community.

Another milestone which QWC recently achieved is 60,000 blocks mined.   It was our plan to become listed on an exchange after 60,000 blocks, as evidenced we are pleased that we were able to beat that goal by several thousand blocks.

As a management team we have to give HUGE KUDOS to all the members of the QWC community for their direct and indirect support on CREX24, Telegram, Discord and Reddit!  This was all accomplished due to your community support without premining or a QWC ICO.

Thank you for your amazing support!

The Qwertycoin Management Team