Month: December 2019

Merry Christmas and happy holidays

[Announcement – December 24th 2019] Dear QWC members, We wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays. We made an announcement like this: “[Announcement – November 25th 2019] Before launching QWCX, the minimum price level for QWC/BTC pair on Crex24 will be adjusted to 1 satoshi. This pegging is indeed necesary and will not affect…

Hard working community

After a month of hard work, all the colleagues in the QWC keyboard currency community won 21 good results in the global top 100 community selection held by World Chain Finance. The top 54 were printed on a set of playing cards. QWC received plum blossoms in order. In the position of 10, the one-month…

Chinese exchanges

[Announcement – November 30th 2019] Due to recent crack down of Chinese exchanges by Chinese government. We would like to warn our users to avoid trading on China based exchanges until an official guideline is announced by Chinese officials. Chinese markets are quite unsafe at the moment.