Announcement — November 20th 2019

Dear all QWC members,

How many old time members do we have in this channel? If you are more than 1 year, please let us know that you are still alive and still living in the crypto space.

We are now listed in multiple exchanges and over the past 2 years, we have seen coins, tokens and exchanges come and go. QWC is still going forward.

Devs are working on LMDB implementation for performance improvement on daemon side and also developing cross platform wallet that will work on not only mobile platforms (android and iOS) but also desktop and web platforms.

Through LMDB implementation, the blockchain sync will be faster and use less resources on the computer/server.

I can’t emphasize enough how important these steps are. We have wanted to move into mobile space since the beginning and we are finally near it.

The next step is a multi-signature development and this is where we say goodbye to the rest of Cryptonote coins. The multi-signature implementation of Monero, the leading coin in Cryotonote, is not optimized for practical uses due to its complexity.

We are currently studying that of bitcoin since it is known to have the most reliable multi-signature implementation among all coins. (Better than Ethereum for security reasons), Also our mobile wallet will be the medium for making this all possible. The best part of it is that we will make it easy for users as always.

We will keep you posted on what will happen in QWC as we go along. Stay tuned.