Month: November 2019

Adjusting satoshis on Crex24

[Announcement – November 25th 2019] Before launching QWCX, the minimum price level for QWC/BTC pair on Crex24 will be adjusted to 1 satoshi. This pegging is indeed necesary and will not affect other pairs on other exchanges unless they want to follow this exercise. The target date for this change around December 20th.

Xecute is typing… Series #5 [Medium]

Announcement — November 20th 2019 Dear all QWC members, How many old time members do we have in this channel? If you are more than 1 year, please let us know that you are still alive and still living in the crypto space. We are now listed in multiple exchanges and over the past 2…

Blockchain transactions vs Credit card transactions [Medium]

Often you will find a number of comparative analysis between Visa and Mastercard’s transaction throughput vs. blockchain’s throughput in unit of transactions per second. You can search for the information about the average size of credit card transactions; about 500 bytes in average and its throughput; 5,000 transactions per second. What these figures translate to…