We think now is a good time for us to grow community and steady price, rather than listing on those non-top exchanges.

Some exchange came to our Chinese community and ask to list qwc into their exchange, some even offer free listing. But we politely refused. We Chinese community don’t think the more exchanges the better, so we refused them.

Let me clarify what we Chinese community think are the more important thing for qwc to do at this stage.

1. Grow community, in whatever way you can think of. Chinese community has donated more than 100 millions qwc from community itself and this fund will be used to promote QWC, that means collaborate with some local medias, who will write articles and make posters to spread QWC to as far as we can.

2. Unite as many miners as we can, we Chinese community now has a qwc miner group, and more and more miners join us. We also try our best to convince those dero miners to join us. Also, we has collaborate with some big pool provider like dxpool. We do this because we think the HashRate is the most important. If we lose miners, we will put QWC into risk.

3. Steady the price. We have unite a bunch of community members to build the buy wall on https://www.citex.co.kr/#/trade/QWC_BTC, you can have a look there.

We do this because currently we all experience people’s frustration even complain while QWC drop from 60 subsats to 15 subsats.

So we think price is important too. If we don’t show community qwc’s buy power, then community may loose confidence.

Dear team, let’s slow down the step of listing some non-head, not famous exchanges. let’s think together, make our community strong, spread qwc, not only in China, but all over the world.

– Chinese Qwertycoin Community