Month: August 2019

The voice of the Chinese Qwertycoin Community

We think now is a good time for us to grow community and steady price, rather than listing on those non-top exchanges. Some exchange came to our Chinese community and ask to list qwc into their exchange, some even offer free listing. But we politely refused. We Chinese community don’t think the more exchanges the…

Qwertycoin Whitepaper

All new updates from the Qwertycoin Whitepaper can be found on Qwertycoin Github. Doc/PDF Version: Live Version:

Next Development Goals

A small announcement: For 3Q, I set my next development goal to make a new explorer that shows the following: 1. Block Explorer 2. Mining(PoW) Explorer 3. Network/Node(PoS) Explorer 4. Market Explorer 5. QWC Tools This update is very much critical to our path forward to EPoSe. We have used Karbo’s explorer like many other…