Month: April 2019

Qwertycoin Mobile Wallet – Release

Dear Qwertycoin Community, We are happy to announce that the Android Qwertycoin Mobile Wallet is ready for takeoff! For errors and problems please send a PM to (ExploShot) with screenshots or a precise error description to reconstruct them. We hope you like the wallet – We would appreciate feedback.

Thoughts of a developer called devAlex():

Qwertycoin is with Monero and Turtle the fastest growing Cryptonight project in terms of developments of the existing Blockchain, as well as the new developments. No other CN project known to me (except monero and turtle) has such a strong development as we have for months including the next months / years. We have a…

Xecute is typing… Series #2

Xecute is typing… Series #2, Announcement — April 8th, 2019 Dear all QWC members, I would like to provide updates today. 3rd Party Exchange and Trading In terms of trading, currently we are too, let me correct this, way too concentrated on one specific exchange and the shear sell volume on a price range is…