Month: February 2018

Issues switching from remote node back to local using

In you have been using the remote node in combination with the official Qwertycoin Desktop you may experience issues when switching back to local or automatic mode. It most cases the application will crash and a simple restart will solve the issue. Some users report that restarting the wallet application results in yet another crash….

Daemon Config Manual

Qwertycoind can accept settings through a configuration file. This is the output of daemon’s help command on acceptable parameters: all of the command line options can be defined through the configuration file. Command line options:   –help Produce help message   –version Output version information   –os-version   –data-dir arg Specify data directory   –config-file arg(=qwertycoin.conf) Specify configuration file Command…

Blockchain Installation

To synchronize your Qwertycoin software with the network faster, you may download blockchain file. Unpack the downloaded blockchain archive. Move the extracted files blockindexes.dat and blocks.dat to the standard Qwertycoin folder (replace existing files if necessary): Windows: C:\Users\%user_name%\AppData\Roaming\qwertycoin\ OSX/Linux: ~/.qwertycoin/ Relaunch your Qwertycoin software.

Reference Client Manual

Qwertycoin works through 2 separate binary files operated through command line: qwertycoind– daemon to synchronize the blockchain and mine qwertycoin. simplewallet – wallet to receive and send funds. Install Qwertycoin Unzip the archive to one separate folder Download blockchain archive and unpack it to: Windows: C:\Users\%user_name%\AppData\Roaming\qwertycoin\ OSX/Linux: ~/.qwertycoin/ Launch Qwertycoin Open qwertycoind. For downloadable Linux…

Qwertycoin Wallet Manual

Once you open Qwertycoin Wallet, it will automatically create your first Qwertycoin address and start synchronizing with the network. It is highly recommended that you encrypt your new wallet with a password. Leaving the wallet unprotected makes it vulnerable in case your system is compromised. To encrypt your wallet, choose “Settings” menu and then “Encrypt…